How to Enjoy Legoland with Your Anxious Autistic Child

7/21/20213 min read

We recently had the most incredible adventure at Legoland with our 5 year old autistic son, and it was an absolute whirlwind of joy and excitement! Throughout our journey, we discovered some invaluable tips that made our visit truly extraordinary. In this 3 part video blog, we have compiled valuable tips and strategies to help you navigate Legoland with your autistic child, ensuring a memorable and fantastic experience for the whole family.

Visiting a bustling theme park like Legoland can be overwhelming for anyone, particularly for autistic children who may experience heightened anxiety. As parents, we understand the importance of preparation to ensure a successful and enjoyable trip. By acknowledging and addressing these challenges, we can alleviate anxiety and build excitement for the upcoming adventure.

Tip #1: Social Story Preparation To ease anxiety and create anticipation, engage your child in social story preparation. Show them pictures and videos of the park, highlighting the joy and excitement of other children enjoying Legoland. By familiarizing your child with the park's environment, you can build excitement and alleviate anxiety before the trip.

Tip #2: Strategic Time of Arrival Choose your time of arrival wisely to avoid the initial rush and long lines. Legoland typically opens at 10 am and closes at 6 pm. Consider arriving around 11:30 am when the crowds have subsided, allowing for a smoother and more relaxed entrance into the park.

Tip #3: Accessibility Pass for a Stress-Free Experience Legoland offers an Accessibility Pass, providing your autistic child and your family with the opportunity to bypass long lines and enjoy a more relaxed visit. Upon arrival, check with guest services to obtain the pass and take advantage of this valuable accommodation. Early in the day, secure a return time for popular attractions, allowing your child to explore other areas of the park while waiting.

Tip #4: Sensory Guides: Navigating the Experience Legoland provides sensory guides for each ride, conveniently located at the entrance of the attractions. These guides offer detailed information about the sensory experiences your child may encounter, including noise levels and potential triggers. Take advantage of these guides to plan your day effectively and ensure a tailored experience for your child. Installing the Legoland app on your smartphone provides real-time updates, show schedules, and interactive maps, helping you navigate the park seamlessly.

Tip #5: Meltdown Kit: Comfort and Soothe Prepare a meltdown kit before your visit, packed with items that comfort and soothe your child during distressing moments. Consider including noise-canceling headphones, fidget toys, or a favorite blanket. Familiarize yourself with the sensory guide provided by the park, accessible through their website or app. This knowledge will help you make informed decisions about which attractions to visit, ensuring your child's comfort and enjoyment.

Tip #6: Embracing Breaks for Self-Care Understand that your child may need regular breaks to process the overwhelming sensory input and recharge. Legoland provides designated rest areas throughout the park, offering quieter and secluded spaces where your child can decompress and reset. Utilize these breaks as an opportunity to bond as a family, enjoy a snack, or engage in calming activities together. By pacing your day and incorporating breaks, you'll help ensure your child's comfort and enjoyment throughout the Legoland adventure.

Tip #7: Strollers as a Haven Strollers can be a valuable asset when visiting theme parks with young children, including autistic children. If you prefer not to bring your own, stroller rentals are available near the entrance. Bring a comfortable and familiar stroller where your child can retreat and recharge when needed. Consider attaching a small sign or ribbon to the stroller for easy identification in crowded areas.

Conclusion: Embarking on a Legoland adventure with your autistic child can be an incredible experience with the right preparation and strategies in place. By following these tips sourced from the official Legoland website and our own experiences, you can optimize your visit and create lasting memories for your family.