We provide training to the parents of autistic and neurodiverse children

Achieve the impossible by learning Neuro-affirming strategies backed by recent research. Take advantage of neuroplasticity within autistic and neurodiverse children.

A mom's quest to help her autistic son unlock his potential

Hello parents, I am a mom of a 5 year old autistic son and 2 year old daughter! Our son was non-speaking and formally diagnosed as severely autistic at 26 months old with severe delays in communication (equivalent to 3-9 month old), sensory issues and lack of social and emotional regulation. My son's severe aggressions and meltdowns made me feel helpless. Our physician said to use traditional approaches (Yes I know our Medical education needs a revolution) - Ignoring, timeouts and token charts (toys, food, screen time etc. as rewards) which made it worse. This triggered my journey of 6000+ hours of research and partnership with autistic adults and professionals over the past 4 years. We finally found a solution that can support autistic and other neurodiverse children and help them achieve their best!

I noticed that there were no parent training products that had actionable, comprehensive real world video-based training that covers the entire scope of what a parent of an autistic child needs to understand. For example, how to alleviate the family's stress so that they can implement the best techniques to improve the child's outcome. I used the skills I learned as a graduate student at the Duke University and my work as a management consultant at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and approached this problem from a unique set of eyes. We built Braloooo that I would have wanted to have 4 years ago.

Parents, I've been in your shoes, feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, strained in relationships, worried for my child’s future and simply unsure of how to proceed from where I was. With Braloooo, you can rebuild your home and enjoy what is ahead of your child's future. Just like I did by learning the Neuro-affirming way!

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-Monal Patel, Founder of Braloooo